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Preschool Curriculum
What will my child learn at Little Republic Preschool?

From problem solving to writing letters and numbers, Little Republic
preschool curriculum will give your child the tools they need to lay a
sound foundation for academic progress for years to come.

One of the primary functions of Little Republic’s program is helping young children learn how to learn. Preschool teachers at Little Republic help children learn to build an attention span, and students learn to listen
attentively to both adults and other children. They practice sharing and taking turns through playtime in the classroom. Children learn patience as well as how to follow multi-step directions. Teachers use visual cues, kind reminders, and fun games to help children learn helpful life skills.

Honor, respect and compassion, the Little Republic community affirms the development of character as an essential and ever-present element of its mission. Commitment to this ideal will guide the School’s decisions and permeate all areas of Little Republic life. All members of the community will strive to model the behavior and attitudes we wish others to adopt. Moreover, we will recognize and highlight behaviors and attitudes that can serve as models for the entire Little Republic community. The School will utilize its existing resources and programs to promote its character statement and initiatives in school publications as well as in parent, Board and faculty meetings


The mission of Little Republic Academy is to assist parents in educating their children by imparting a diverse community of learners that strives for excellence; values individuality; fosters a passion for learning; promotes the balanced development of mind, body, and character; encourages service; and instills a respect for others.


Students equipped for lives of significance. 


The values that drive our decision-making process are:
1. Unconditional love/uncompromising truth.
2. Honesty and integrity  
3. Humility in service
4. Faith and kindness

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